From Army Veteran to Multi-Millionaire CEO: Nick Bare’s Journey with Bare Performance Nutrition

Nick Bare, the CEO and founder of Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN), has transformed his passion for fitness and nutrition into a thriving multi-million-dollar business. This success story serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating how dedication and entrepreneurial spirit can turn a college startup into a major brand. During a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends” on September 14, 2022, Nick Bare shared the remarkable journey of how he achieved this entrepreneurial feat.

Nick’s journey towards building BPN began while he was pursuing higher education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania on an Army ROTC scholarship in 2012. Even during his college years, he had a vision of entrepreneurship. Determined to pursue his passion for fitness and nutrition, Nick decided to take a bold step by securing a $20,000 loan through USAA in his final years of college.

While his peers were using their loans for personal indulgences such as cars, vacations, or engagement rings, Nick had a different plan. He saw the loan as his “golden ticket” to kickstart a business venture aligned with his lifelong passion.

BPN initially focused on performance supplements, offering products like pre-workout supplements, creatine, and whey protein. In 2018, they expanded their product line to include health supplements such as superfoods, multivitamins, and collagen. Remarkably, Nick built this business during his free time while serving in the military. It was only after transitioning out of the military in 2017 that he decided to go all-in and commit himself fully to BPN.

Nick’s entrepreneurial journey was a learning experience that differed significantly from his formal education. He emphasized that he gained invaluable business knowledge by actually building a business, rather than solely relying on his minor in business administration.

One of the key factors that set BPN apart from its competitors was its commitment to quality. Nick emphasized the importance of offering products with amazing flavors, proven effectiveness, and a compelling backstory. BPN’s approach was distinctive in that they didn’t flood the market with numerous products but instead launched one product at a time to address specific problems.

The impact of BPN extended beyond being just a brand for consumers. Nick explained that their tagline, “Go one more,” had resonated with thousands of people. It symbolizes pushing past difficulties, especially when faced with challenges. This relentless pursuit of progress has become a mantra for individuals striving for personal growth.

In addition to their business success, BPN has contributed to the community as an official partner of Team Red, White and Blue, a nonprofit organization supporting veterans transitioning out of the military through social and physical activities. Nick attributes his leadership skills and team-building abilities to the lessons he learned during his military service.

While BPN has expanded to central market stores in Texas, the brand primarily fulfills orders through its website at

Nick Bare’s journey serves as a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and unwavering commitment to one’s passion. From an Army veteran with a vision to a CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, his story inspires individuals to pursue their dreams relentlessly, just as he embodies the spirit of “going one more” every day to achieve remarkable success.

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